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What is TWS Bluetooth Earbuds?

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Update time : 2018-06-28 22:35:00

What is TWS Bluetooth Earbuds?


Since Airpods released together with iPhone 7 (removed the 3.5mm headphone jack) at Sep.2016, the Bluetooth earphone market has developed rapidly, and the types of Bluetooth earphones have emerged in an endless stream, especially the TWS wireless Bluetooth earbuds. What is TWS? What is the advantages and disadvantages of TWS Bluetooth earbuds?


TWS is short for True Wireless Stereo, the implementation of this technology is based on the development of chip technology.


Technically, it means that the mobile phone is connected to the main speaker, through the connected main speaker, Bluetooth will connect the secondary speaker, making the wireless separation of real Bluetooth left and right sound channels. When no connection is made from the speaker, the main speaker returns to the monophonic sound quality. The technology of TWS has been applied to the field of Bluetooth earphone, which has spawned a new product: TWS Bluetooth earbuds.





What is the advantages of TWS Bluetooth earbuds?

Compared to ordinary Bluetooth earphone, the TWS wireless Bluetooth earbuds has the following advantages:


1. True wireless structure, completely free from cable annoyance and free movement.


2. Various ways of use, which can be enjoyed and shared, and can be used as two machines by one machine.



What is the disadvantages of TWS Bluetooth earbuds?

1. Because the TWS earbudss are small in size and limited in internal circuit scale, the TWS earbuds of the same generation are definitely inferior to the traditional Bluetooth earbuds and wired headphones in terms of actual noise reduction and speech recognition rate.


2. TWS Bluetooth earbuds doesn't require a cable connection, the two sets of headphones make a sound system through bluetooth, listening to songs, phone calls, and wearing all the way up, and so on. However, many of the TWS Bluetooth earbuds sold on the market are relatively expensive due to their high cost.


3. It’s too small and easy to lose it at nowhere. And you need to take the case out from your bag if you wanna hear music or have a call. There is still a big gap between reality and usage.   



Also our upgraded version with time&date, step counter functions is on the way. It’s just at your fingertips. You can check the time and steps after finished running activity. Or never miss the important calls during your business travel.


Although TWS Bluetooth earbuds have some disadvantages, the convenience it brings to the public is attractive. I believe the market potential will be huge in the future. However, to gain a share in this industry, for Bluetooth earphone manufacturers, only by continuously enhancing product performance, improving product quality, beautifying product appearance design and reducing product price can more users accept it.


We are the one with above advantages! Welcome to contact us for more!

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